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The Brand Story

The art of perfumery is a delicate one and for centuries, master perfumers have been known by their signature fragrances gracing the wardrobes of the wealthy and luxurious owners. Liberto's entrance into this delicate space has been described as nothing short of a 21st century revolution. Going an extra mile, we have made Eau De Parfums and home diffusers accessible to varying classes of users across the globe. Sourcing the highest quality essential perfume oils, we employ a team of trained perfumers whose experience spans over 25 years! We have undertaken some of the most delicate research into the human chemistry, and what scents revitalize, excite, and evoke strong emotional responses. Our secret recipes are unique to the Liberto brand and designed to exude opulence, luxury, surprising candor, and long-lasting freshness for your home and wardrobe.

Taking some of the most exotic top, heart, and base notes, our perfumes linger through the day, blending and transforming your home and body fragrance. Like the Romans and Arabs whose 2500-year-old techniques created some of the rarest scents that left even Emperor Nero's guests in awe. Liberto comes - unfamiliar, endearing, deeply connected, searching and tasteful. Our fragrances and diffusers speak volumes in the most subtle fashion. With a strong 15% essential oil content, our Eau de parfums are unparalleled in quality. Refined through the most sophisticated processes to extract and mix the perfect scent. Liberto leaves no doubt in the quality of perfumes and diffusers we create. Considering how much our perfumes mean to our customers, we ensure that all processes are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

Unlike a lot of mass-produced fragrances, the variant tones and signatures registered in each bottle comes with a unique personality. We are aware of the exquisite needs of our upmarket clientele and cater to these distinct palettes.  We go as far back as to the historical techniques of ancient Egyptians, to the perfumed oils of Cyprus, and to the agelong extraction methods known only by a select few. Every note in our ornately carved bottles, is a deliberate chord in a symphony of fragrance! Whether you are looking for a scent to match your workspace and home, a moment out with the love of your life, or you desire to dazzle a crowd, we have just the right scent. A day in Liberto fragrances is a pleasant surprise wrapped in a bundle of admiration. For perfumes, you cannot trade quality for anything else. Choose Liberto!


At Liberto, we are committed to dominating the niche parfum marketplace across the United Kingdom as a top distributor of signature Eau De Parfums and Diffusers. We are in pursuit of a global reputation for custom-made scents crafted to effuse a novel aura. The Liberto dream is for our niche fragrances to make the wearer stand out in a crowded room. Our core values include:

  • Quality
  • Simplicity
  • Integrity

Therefore, we are committed to selling only the simplest luxury fragrances while always dealing honestly with our customers.


We hope to be the niche parfum brand of choice by:

  • Maintaining consistent quality and a reliable trademark.
  • Delivering niche fragrances across the United Kingdom.
  • Maintaining an environmentally friendly process.
  • Providing an open and transparent communication with customers.